Theology of John of Damascus on The Antichrist in the Eighth-Century Orthodox Church

  • Yusak Tanasyah Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Moriah, Tangerang
  • Gerald Frederico John Laoh Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Bebas Pinem Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Robby Robert Repi Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Injili Indonesia, Jakarta
Keywords: John of Damascus, Antichrist, Eighth-century, Orthodox Church


This study explores the theology of John of Damascus on the Antichrist within the context of the Eighth-Century Orthodox Church. Addressing a gap in existing scholarship, this research provides a comprehensive analysis of John of Damascus's eschatological views, particularly his depiction of the Antichrist, and examines their theological, historical, and cultural implications. Employing a historical-theological method, the research involves a detailed textual analysis of John of Damascus's works, contextualization within the Byzantine era, comparative analysis with contemporary and preceding theologians, and interpretation through theological frameworks. The study reveals that John of Damascus articulated a clear and systematic portrayal of the Antichrist, integrating it within his broader eschatological framework. His views were shaped by the historical and political milieu of the Eighth Century, notably the rise of Islam and internal theological disputes within Byzantium. John of Damascus emphasized the Antichrist as a significant heretical threat, advocating for vigilance and steadfastness in faith among the Christian faithful. His teachings were deeply woven into Orthodox doctrine, reinforcing the eventual triumph of Christ and the necessity of maintaining orthodox beliefs against heretical challenges. The findings underscore the lasting impact of John of Damascus's theology on the Antichrist in the Orthodox tradition, influencing subsequent theological developments and the Church's understanding of end-time events. This study highlights the importance of his eschatological perspectives, demonstrating how they were both reflective of and responsive to the theological and historical challenges of his time.


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