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The research method used in this research is qualitative research with a literature approach. The results of the research are as follows: First, the salvation of the Old Testament to the New Testament is the salvation of God Himself. Second, man is not saved by his own efforts but rather the Work of God, who is active in the work of salvation. Third, the Gospel of Luke contains a universal theology of salvation. Fourth, salvation does not look at boundaries, but salvation from God through Jesus Christ breaks through the boundaries made by humans. Fifth, human judgment is not the determinant of salvation but only God Himself should place it. Sixth, the concept of salvation in the Gospel of Luke 19: 1-10 can be considered in Christian Religious Education learning materials in schools.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Rinto Hasiholan Hutapea Copyright (c) 2020 SANCTUM DOMINE: JURNAL TEOLOGI 2020-12-29 2020-12-29 10 1 1 16 10.46495/sdjt.v10i1.80 Pemuridan Bagi Jemaat Penyandang Disabilitas <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong></p> <p><em>The church must play an active role in society by empowering its congregation, without exception the marginalized - persons with disabilities; who should have the same rights and opportunities, as well as equal treatment; empowered and involved in the ministry of the church, giving meaning to the lives of others and himself to the glory of God. It was undeniable that persons with disabilities experience discrimination in various fields of life, including church services. The research method used was qualitative; conducted in-depth and open observations, focused interviews, and selected interviews with selected informants. The research objective was to find a model of discipleship for congregations with disabilities</em><em> in the M Malang Church</em><em>. The findings of the research suggest that the model of discipleship in the M Malang church was a combination of equipping through teaching Christian values, building attitudes, and empowering the congregation. The pastor prioritizes empowerment with mission trip activities as a model of discipleship for congregations with disabilities.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Innawati Teddywono Copyright (c) 2020 SANCTUM DOMINE: JURNAL TEOLOGI 2020-12-29 2020-12-29 10 1 17 34 10.46495/sdjt.v10i1.82 Efektivitas Pelaksanaan Ibadah Daring Ditinjau dari Roma 12:1-2 <p><em>In 2020, the implementation of worship has changed the way from physical gathering to online worship. This is certainly a challenge for churches that are accustomed to direct worship and must get used to it. From the Bible, the text of Romans 12: 1-2 is the biblical foundation for worship. This article aims to look at the effectiveness of online worship based on Romans 12: 1-2. The method used in this research is a qualitative method with a grammatical-historical approach. Based on the research conducted, worship actually talks about everyday life. Regarding online worship, online worship is a way to fellowship with God. Because online worship has the same essence as worship for physical gatherings, it is necessary to be serious in carrying out worship online.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> DICKY DOMINGGUS Copyright (c) 2020 SANCTUM DOMINE: JURNAL TEOLOGI 2020-12-29 2020-12-29 10 1 35 48 10.46495/sdjt.v10i1.79 Strategi Pendidikan Kristen dalam Pembentukan Warga Gereja yang Unggul dan Berkarakter Berdasarkan Perspektif Kristiani <p><em>Character education is an urgent need for quality Indonesian human development. Character education, apart from taking place in the context of the family and school, also takes place in the church environment. The purpose of this paper is to explain the significance of the church's strategic role as an educational agent and facilitator in shaping church members with Christ's character. The research method used is qualitative research with theological studies using the Bible and literature according to the subject, then analyzed and presented descriptively. From this research, it can be concluded that there are two strategies of the church in forming young generations with Christian characteristics, namely (1) the church must complete its wages, especially families so that the family functions as a place where Christian character and values ​​live, grow and develop in children. ; (2) the church must equip its members who are teachers so that they are committed to Christ's call for the development of teacher professionalism.</em></p> Kalis Stevanus Nathanail Sitepu Copyright (c) 2020 SANCTUM DOMINE: JURNAL TEOLOGI 2020-12-29 2020-12-29 10 1 49 66 10.46495/sdjt.v10i1.84 Menjawab Persoalan tentang Imam Besar Abyatar dalam Markus 2:26: Sebuah Kritik Teks <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p><em>Mark 2:26 is one of the most disputed texts. The text's pivotal problem is around the accuracy between Jesus' narration and the historical facts in the Old Testament (1 Sam. 21:1-6). This discrepancy implies the authority of Christology and Bibliology in the Christian faith. This research was conducted to examine the text in order to answer the disputes around the text. The authors used a qualitative descriptive research method in this research with a textual criticism approach. The research approaches covered textual history, text's authorship history, and text's grammatical analysis. This research found that there were neither textual errors nor Jesus's mistakes in quoting a history. Addressing Abiathar as high priest is a part of the patristic culture in the priesthood tradition in Israel. Jesus’ motive in mentioning Abiathar closely related to the unfaithful story that has made him disposed as a high priest. Thus, the authority of Christ and the Bible as God's Word could not be overthrown by this passage.&nbsp;</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Keywords :</strong></p> <p>Abiathar; High Priest; Mark 2:26</p> Pujianto Hardjosanjoto Bakhoh Jatmiko Copyright (c) 2020 SANCTUM DOMINE: JURNAL TEOLOGI 2020-12-29 2020-12-29 10 1 67 84 10.46495/sdjt.v10i1.90 Yunus: Miskin Visi dan Tidak Misioner? <p><em>Jonah was not the ideal model, chosen to learn how Christian missionaries should be. The contrary response to the call to be a servant of God becomes an interesting study to find out the background that shapes and pushes his attitude. The principles described in this paper lead to a paradoxical condition between missionary idealism and conditions in the field. Through the principles of hermeneutics, especially literary analysis, background analysis, context analysis, and theology, it tried to be used to find answer</em> <em>to the problems in Jonah's attitude which is contrary to his responsibility as the Prophet of God. The final purpose of this paper is the strengthening of the existence of God as God who provides opportunities for repentant humans, which is manifested in forgiveness, acceptance, cancellation of punishment, and restoration of relations with humans. The practical principles are drawn from the discussion become the standard for how Christians should respond through submission to God's authority</em><em>.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Sukirdi Yohanes Seri Damarwanti Copyright (c) 2020 SANCTUM DOMINE: JURNAL TEOLOGI 2020-12-29 2020-12-29 10 1 85 100 10.46495/sdjt.v10i1.93