Teokrasi Yesus dalam Konsep Waktu

Perumusan Kembali Peta Jalan Pendidikan Teologi yang Kristosentris

  • Obet Nego Sekolah Tinggi Theologia Ebenhaezer, Tanjung Enim
  • Yohanes Yohanes Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Arastamar, Nias Selatan
  • Debby Christ Mondolu Sekolah Tinggi Theologia Ebenhaezer, Tanjung Enim
Keywords: Theocracy, Time, Theological Education, Christocentric


The existence of Theological Higher Education is to help the church realize its purpose, to equip individuals who are able to advance God's mission of salvation in the world, through gospel-focused teaching, evangelism, and service. But today, there is a shift in the vision of Theological Higher Education, in the form of academic-oriented and management-oriented or in other words, the vision of Theological Higher Education in Indonesia is 'drawn' and centered on fulfilling the demands of the Tri Darma of higher education. This research uses qualitative methods, data obtained from a number of relevant literature, namely scientific articles and books related to the topic of discussion. The results show that the deepening of Jesus' theocracy in the concept of time can be used as the basis for a Christocentric vision, consistently determining and implementing its vision, namely Theological Higher Education centered on God's mission.


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